My name is Deidre, and I have been tattooing in the Tampa Bay Area since 2010. My father is a fine artist that specializes in watercolor and oil paintings. We always had an art room or gallery growing up, and we were encouraged to paint and draw. When I was 14 I saw my first tattoo magazine, and my art changed forever! I knew then what I wanted to do. I found my first apprenticeship when I was 18 years old, and when things didn’t work out after 6 months, I found my second apprenticeship. When that one also didn’t work out, I began to lose hope. I put my dream aside and went to cosmetology school. I had two children, and they became my whole world. In 2010 Sukoshi Sills offered to finish my tattoo apprenticeship, and this time it was right. He gave me a traditional American apprenticeship, and didn’t treat me differently because I was a woman in a male dominated industry. Sukoshi was an incredible teacher, and remains my mentor until this day. I learned to tattoo like the people before me that paved the road. I learned to make my own needles, and I learned how to build, assemble, and tune coil tattoo machines. Because of this apprenticeship, I learned many different styles of tattooing, and will tattoo anything but tribal and portraits! In 2016, Sukoshi and I began working in Daytona for Tropical Tattoo at the World Famous Iron Horse Saloon for bike week and biketoberfest. In 2012 I teamed up with my second mentor Danny Yoder and together we focused on making and tuning coil tattoo machines. In 2014, I competed in a tattoo competition on a show called Tattoo Titans on CMT. In 2020, I became the lead artist at the shop I worked for in Brandon, alongside my apprentice, Sam, my mentor Danny Yoder, and his mentor Kody Heavenridge. We were so proud to have four generations working together under one roof! Sadly, Danny passed away in 2020, but we continue his legacy now and forever. Tattoo history and culture is very important to us, and my goal is to bring your design to life indefinitely on your skin!